Request a FRUNS for a New Franchise
If you are working with a franchise concept that is not already in our database, please complete the form below. FRANdata can verify that the company is indeed a franchise and issue a FRUNS number for the brand so that you may process your loan paperwork through E-tran.

The more information you can provide us about he company, the faster we can validate it as a franchise; if you have a franchise disclosure document or sales agreements, we can issue a FRUNS within 1 business day. If we need to research a company, it may take longer. If you have a deadline, please let us know it and we will do everything we can to help you meet it.

It is important to note that a FRUNS number does not imply SBA eligibility - it simply identifies the company as a valid franchise. Once the brand has been added to the database, we are happy to contact them about having an eligibility review done on their agreements. Learn more about eligibility on the Franchise Registry.

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