Accelerating and Improving Franchise Financing
The Franchise Registry exists to provide one location where ALL franchise lenders will come to find information about ALL franchise brands so that more and better loans to franchisees can be made.

Unlike independent business loans, franchise systems have a ton of information that can help you assess credit risk. For the past 15+ years the Franchise Registry has helped lenders like yourself efficiently process and underwrite franchise loans. p>
FRANdata is uniquely able to provide our clients with the information and analysis they need to understand risk and grow their franchise portfolio. We are constantly defining new best practices in franchise lending– from creating specific underwriting/credit scoring tools like the FUND Score and BCR, enabling the precise tracking of a lender’s franchise portfolio with a FRUNS subscription, to creating objective in-depth customized analysis of the performance of a franchise. Our end to end franchise lending solutions satisfies the varying business development and underwriting needs for banks with all sizes of franchise loan portfolios. The Franchise Registry ( is dedicated to facilitating and increasing capital flow for franchise loans. Used by more than 8000 small business lenders nationwide, the site provides a wealth of information about every franchise operating in the US. If you are a small business lender and do not have a complimentary login, send your contact information to and we will get you started today.

Your complimentary franchise registry includes:

  • Access to Bank Credit Reports on specific franchise brands
  • The ability to customize your own online franchise portfolio of brands you are interested in
  • Find brands that fit your banks’ credit box. With our advance search function find brands according to years in business, years in franchising, franchise units, states the franchise is in, and more!
  • FRUNS number
  • Brand contact information for loan underwriting and SBA affiliation inquiries
  • Franchise Disclosure Documents
  • Peace of mind that you have all you need (and need to know) to process a franchise’s SBA loan

To get your login, simply click the button below. We regularly hold webinars for individuals and institutions. If you would like to learn more, please contact FRANdata at 800.485.9570 or

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